Leaded Glass

Here at Victoria Glass in addition to work restoring vintage leaded lights in domestic and commercial properties, we offer a bespoke leaded light design service to produce new leaded lights to order for customers. The only constraints on what we can produce for you are those of your imagination - come to us with any ideas for a design you'd like and we'll do our very best to turn your vision into a beautiful character feature for your home or business.

We can supply and fit new uPVC double glazed windows incorporating your existing leaded lights or new ones we've made for you to effectively triple glaze your windows! We can even place the leaded lights we restore or make for you within your existing double-glazed windows, so you can enjoy the beauty of leaded glass together with increased energy efficiency.

We specialise in repairing damaged lead lights - many such repairs can be undertaken in the workshop on our premises here in West Kirby or we can undertake the work for you on site if necessary. We have supplied and renovated leaded lights for many local parish churches and local businesses over the years and can bring those years of experience to bear in undertaking repairs for you or creating products which we hope will exceed your expectations.

Whilst we can produce traditionally manufactured leaded lights for you, due to the manufacturing process involved, the glass necessarily has to be quite thin, which means they may be unsuitable for installation in certain settings. If you would like a leaded effect light in a far more robust form, we can apply stained glass-effect overlays incorporating the very latest coloured film technologies to produce stunning leaded-style windows for you.